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I lost a good buddy this week...

I took this in Newport Beach when I was visiting during my autumn trip last year.  I had ridden my bike over to The Wedge, and looked out towards the jetty, and there was one of Carl's designs!  Somehow he keeps surprising me when I least expect it! But the buddy I'm talking about now...was with me for a long time...(well not as long as Carl - 28 years).  I believe it was 10-15 years.  We went through thick and thin. We spent time arguing about the benefits and/or detriments of  long and short.  Did I like things hot, warm, or cool?  Fast or slow? Was I in a hurry? (when wasn't I?) But it was over.  Something didn't feel right about it.  Everything it did, just felt so cold!  The last time this happened, it just stopped. Nothing. Nada.  Ka-put. But first I needed to find a new one.  Ugh.  If you've read this for even a little while, you know I do not like shopping.  I went over to the local drug store.  Prices have come down, over the years, I thought.  I de