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Take a well day.

I looked into the sky recently....and once again I am taken back to a time gone by. I was with Carl, who was starting out as a yacht designer.  And I was starting out as a wife.  He was 25 and I was 21. While he was analyzing the boat, I was analyzing the clouds.  I had begun working at the glider field and had the day off, so off I went with him.  I was laying on the dock, looking up to the sky and watching clean, white puffy clouds form and dissipate, form and dissipate.  I had no idea about what would happen in the next years.  But it didn't matter. I was literally in that moment. I had been previously employed as a part-time Clerk-typist II.for the State of California, in Oakland, at a youth center. Every time I built up some time for a half day off, I took it.  It was a horrible job.  I worked in an office that had some type of plexi-glass windows that surrounded us... and kept us from the kids.  The men and women who worked there were continuously ripping off the stat