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What's a mom to do?

It was a quiet night.  I'm not sure what time of year it was.  I don't think we had to bundle up to be outside. Sutter must have been at a friend's that night.  Carl may have been out sailing on a race or may have tied up at a dock waiting to come back the next day. Hhmm.  Me and Evan.  This could have been what they would now call a 'teachable moment.'  I did what all good moms would do for a kid.  I gathered up some supplies and said said we were going to the car. About a mile and a half later, we pulled up to Mary's house.  It was quiet all around the street..and certainly at her home and yard.  We got out of the car.  It was time.  I was teaching my son how to T.P a house. I said we needed to be very quiet. He was a bit timid.  He took a roll of toilet paper and proceeded to pick off one piece at at time and lay it on the hedges.  No!  That's now how we do it!  This is how... I took one of the rolls and threw it over the roof, streams of tp run