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Once again I'm clearing out....

I appreciate the owner who came over from the Shade Shop and hung my new blinds.  He said my house is always neat.  I'm dying a slow death because all I see is the dirt. While the house seems clean to him it's what's behind the cupboard doors that kind of shock me.  Like most people (I think), if I don't open them, I won't see any surprises!  If I don't open them, then they are just as I want them to be...perfect.  My thinking is it's something like TV's  "Let's Make a Deal" where I choose Door #1, #2, or #3.  Somebody's gotta choose one! My chance to choose which door, was this week.  I was digging through one of the kitchen cabinets the other day.  I do not know what happens, when it happens, or why it happens, but once I open one of those doors and really look at what's inside of it ..argh!  While I have no intention of starting to clean, I find I started pulling stuff out, placing the pasta in a drawe