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Pinging, pixelating, and pissed off at Comcast.

Because I often work on the weekends, when I have downtime, I watch some non-thinking TV, like when I'm ironing.  Yes, I do iron. But this was not the case last weekend.  Yes, I did work, and yes I watched TV in my downtime, and no it was not non-thinking TV.  It was the PGA U.S. Open Golf Championship.  I set up the media system to record the event on Saturday and Sunday.  No recording took place.  I didn't get the memo that this was the weekend for my cable box to flake out. Once I described the symptoms (as in the screen freezing, no earth to TV contact with the remote, and pixels dancing in strange forms) my media expert did remind me that the device is a computer.  Oh. Because I was working and I didn't have the time to deal with Comcast, I paid him to take on that privilege. So on Monday afternoon, he turned in that cable box and brought back a new one, which was on Comcast's dime (but I pay the monthly fees so it's really on my dime).  He hooked it up,