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These are some of my favorite no particular order.

A the New Year's Day Rose Parade.  The creativity makes my mind....well I guess it just kinda blows my mind. Another parade...the longest in the US, I'm told.  Alameda Island's 4th of July Parade.  This was Carl's fave because it was so... home-town!  Several times he missed it because he was racing yachts to Hawaii....same time but in a very different space.  I believe I'll be playing back-up with others, behind the main man, who plays a mean hand-pounding big time beast!  Can he ever get tone out of his various drums! Bed Bath and Beyond - the other day I took a shower curtain hanger, just one, back to the local store, because it just wouldn't connect properly when I hung the whole curtain up.  I had tried different locations all along the shower would just fall off.  And I also just about fell over, when the manager was willing to exchange it for another hanger.  You rock, BB&B!  Oh and I didn't have my receipt and had i