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Was it something I said?

This week was a bit strange.  I looked outside, and people on either side of our house were moving! Suddenly I thought....'was it something I said?' I knew my wonderful neighbors to my left were moving this week.  I had watched them struggle to buy a house here, but then family ties and obligations ended up pulling them towards the midwest where their relatives live. I've come to love Joi and Mike and their daughter, Emma.  They are the best people and parents.  I've literally watched Emma grow from a small child into a lovely, considerate kid! They been wonderful watching the house when I'm gone: picking up mail, and newspapers.  Since Mike worked at home, he had become my personal alarm. And Joi was so excited to grow her own rosebush!   I was so disappointed when she told me that she couldn't take it across state lines.  This was her first rose baby and it had grown so much in that pot! She offered me the rose, but I felt so sad, because she had turn