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I wanna be a rock star...

Who hasn't wanted to be a rock star?  It really doesn't matter if it takes the better part of a lifetime to do that, or if you are a one-hit-wonder.  It's so romantic in so many ways! No, it is not.  BUT if you have a bit of an opportunity on one particular day, with some limited background in rockin' good music, maybe it can be done. I just had my day...last week.  Crowds were lining the streets!  Everybody was happy!  Everybody was wearing their favorite colors!  Everybody was waving! I did have two lessons in three weeks.  Who wouldn't be prepared coming in with that?  Our main-man-leader offered his skills to train folks who wanted to ride on a flatbed truck, and play drums.  I don't know how to say the name of the drums...but they are exotic and he owned them.  I watched that local Realtor advertisement for a couple of weeks, thought about it, and decided I could do that . The day of the parade came.  We needed to decorate the float, practice, and t