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Dear Dude....

When I'm riding my bike in town I need to be sure that I'm watching for car doors opening; watching out for holes of pavement debris on certain streets, so I don't get snagged in them; watching out for rear lights on vehicles to see whether they are turning (or not);  watching out for brake lights to see if vehicles are stopping, pulling over or slowing down; listening for vehicles backup sounds (beepbeepbeep); watching where I'm going; and.... ....NOT watching  for notes in the street. But this week I did see a note that was obviously tossed off a car windshield, and I circled back to pick it up. This is about the kindest note I've ever seen, to a stranger, who has taken too many parking spaces in a town where parking is considered almost as valuable as a decent rental unit. It says Dude.  It calls a spade a spade.  It says nicely what needs to be said.  It's written so the Dude can read it.  And it says "thanks!" with a rather happy exclama