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Chapters in the book...

Grandma. Granny. Mimi.  Moma.  Nana.  Tutu.  These are just a few of the names I've considered for the next act, version, era, and/or iteration of my life. I guess I really didn't think much about this next section.  I try to stay in the moment, not dwelling too much in the past on things I can't change, and not dwelling too much in the future, on things I don't really want to know. I don't consider the future a mystery....rather it's more like chapters in a book.  Some chapters are great page-turners, some are not, yet I do have some control over what is mine to write, based on what and how I think.  That's the I think, what I think, is the key to.....everything. But now this event has happened. My quite new grandson deserves something simple that he can call me. My mom loved hearing her second name, Nana, from her grandkids.  My dad loved hearing his second name, Papa, from his grandkids.  I guess I could mess up Cadel, my grandson, and