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INTERMINABLE...who does the internet marketing? AARGH

I have my email account divvied up into categories.  One of them is promotions, so I don't have to mess with them midst emails that are really important or even mildly amusing. This is what I think of the machines and/or people who write this stuff, junk, whatever. How stupid do they think I am?   I think they think I am really stupid!  Despite my eliminating them by placing them into my  'spam' bucket,  somehow they just keep showing up. From Briggs and Riley (this is an excellent travel case company...about the best for no-hassle warranties, and quality of workmanship)   Summer savings, just for YOU!   Really? Just for me?  How did I get so lucky? From Hulu Plus  Marilyn, give us another chance!  We'll give you two weeks free!  You're our person!   Really?  I'm your person?  I tried you for one night and it was a nightmare just getting to find some programs.  Why don't you make your system better and let me hear about it from the grapevine instead