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Late adapter.

How much do you take?  Is it a lifetime or five minutes?  When do you reach your limit? This is rather silly.  But this week, after about two years of static...I made the call. My FM radio receiver was making so much extra noise. I listen to NPR these days, when I can bear the racket.  I tried moving the slim cord around...and that would settle it.  Until I moved myself around.  That made it un-settling, and un-nerving.  The static was always where I was. So Kevin, from Hidden Connections , came over today to check out the status of the 'static.'  He has become my new BFF since the company installed music/video/TV flat screen/BluRay/Smart Hub/extra TVs etc. And he brought a new device..just in case. I am way back in the line of those who do not become 'early adapters.'  I'm a very late adapter. I'd rather be sure that all the other people have fixed, identified, and worked out the mistakes before I try anything technical. Now I have Sonos .  If you are