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Some self-analysis...

Who I am, what I was, what I want to be..... Kid - very friendly; moved a lot so had to make friends quickly. Sister - probably not so good.  I once told my brother (next to me in age)...don't ever think of acknowledging me at or during school. I will not admit to knowing you. Student - Good, sometimes great, but mostly decent. Girl Scout - Constant...was a GS for over 10 years, and the moving around made GS a predicable pattern. Cheerleader - third try and then I was 'in' my senior year as President of the Pep Squad.  Very risky.  Very senior-itis. Too much freedom.  Should re-think my answer as a 'student'. Wife - Good; very supportive of my husband's dreams; wanted a life of my own and achieved that because of my husband.  We were very good partners.  I miss him. Mother  - Decent.  My flying around the US made the job of mom and dad very interchangeable for Carl and me.  Like my mom, I would stand up for my own kids, when they deserved it.