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I bought myself a present this week...

...and I'm going to take it back.  I do not like shopping...for anything. I go to Costco.  Once I'm there I go direct to the spots where my items are located.  It seems silly that one person buying food for one person would go to Costco.  But I do. I get the paper towels, but not the toilet paper. (Somebody told me recently the most purchased item is their t.p.) I buy the roasted chicken, but not the fish, except for the cooked cilantro shrimp in the meat section.  I buy the shampoo but not the conditioner.  I buy the frozen chicken but not the eggs. (frozen stay frozen, eggs do not). When I go to Maui, I buy my annual Tommy Bahama beach chair...then give it to tourists who may have a few days of vaca left, once I've made it through my last day. I buy the loaves of bakery bread, and freeze what I don't use.  I buy some of the cheese, but only what I can use..otherwise it will spoil. I buy their fresh peaches...they are delicious in the beginning of the seaso