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Slow it down...dudette.

The one good thing about flying anywhere is that you need to be at the airport on time.  Often you may have to wait for the plane to arrive, or it may need some mechanical attention thus it will be delayed, or (like me last February) I was there in plenty of time and I let the plane leave without me. I needed to change something about my rush routine.  No more rush rush rush to get down to my second 'home away from home.'  I will take (make) some time to drive Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Newport Beach. The one bad thing about there is always one last thing to do...I need to drop this at the post office, and this at church, and get my tires inflated, and blah blah blah. So instead of me getting away at 10:30am, I got out of Dodge at noon. But hey, that's not so bad.  No bridge traffic, no traffic through the city. I'm heading out! I found a place through either the AAA Magazine or Sunset Magazine that talked about Central Coastal to