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Lost my phone...

Image the public toilets along Huntington Beach. I rode my bike from Balboa Island up to the Huntington Beach pier.  I was almost there and I saw the gentleman cleaning out the restrooms about 4:30pm.  These stalls are placed in permanent rows up and down the beach waiting for people in long lines to use them.  But on late Monday, early in the fall, to find them empty and clean is a wonder to behold.  So hedging my bets...I asked if I could step in.  He said "Si." I remember two or three years ago, that I had plopped my phone  (which was safely nestled in my jacket pocket) into a toilet at work.  How embarrassing.  I cried.  That event made me a bit cautious regarding this venue. I placed the phone on top of the metal toilet paper roll holder. After a quick trip inside...I got on my bike and proceeded up the path.  After sitting for about 30 minutes at the pier, watching volleyball teams warm up in front of me and a bongo player beating pretty good drums behind me, I