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Calgon...take me away!

I don't know where the gene comes from that makes people love shopping.  I don't remember liking shopping when I was young much less as a teenager. During my recent trip to Newport Beach, I realized that I left some of the face stuff I use, at home.  That was fine since I didn't know anybody that I had to impress, as I made my way down the Pacific Coast Hwy for the first 2 days.  Heck, nobody cares anyway. But once I hit the scene in can only guess where one will find someone he/she knows. I made a couple of calls to see where I could find the face stuff.  Oooh..that's not so bad..there's parking at the small shopping center and I can get in and out quickly.  Ummm, no. Not so much.  That store didn't carry the full line of makeup... but good news!  South Coast Plaza does!  Not good news to me!  I left the store rather deflated. I've only been to South Coast Plaza once in the last 3 years specifically looking for specific