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Let's talk repo....

Late at night I get zoned out and I flip the clicker through the TV stations.  My 'new-to-me' favorite show is Airplane Repo . I watched this and this for real? Yes, it seems to be!  Why do I like it so much?  I touches my heart.  I did some airplane repos myself. No, I did not heist a Lear jet, or an amphibian.  Me and my flyboys just took single engine planes.  This was after a huge boom in the industry...and after huge booms there are often huge busts.  Anyway you look at it, there was flying to be done.  Piper Aircraft hired us to get the planes (because they financed them) and return them to the place they wanted. These pros fly planes like we used to, every once in a while. Not every plane is a high end aircraft. But they also get paid for bringing it back to the owner/company/bank.  Big bucks. Not so much for us. What we usually did was take planes from local flying schools.  The schools (i.e. airports) were mostly abandoned and the planes would be si