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I love these companies because they love me...

Dyson...Bed Bath Beyond...Hidden Connections....Jay Caldwell....Eddie Audi....Ethan the Plumber "You only cry once."....This was a dear friend's thought process, and adopted by Carl.  This is why they chose to buy quality. When I think back to when I've cried over and over and over again because I've purchase junk...I could just...cry. Some examples of businesses that treat the customer right:: Dyson   When I first got my vacuum cleaner (could have been 2-3 years ago), I decided to clean it out within two months of my purchase.  Then I went online and I found a guy who shot a u-tube video who had never cleaned his Dyson vacuum for the 7 years he owned it!  I followed his lead, cleaned the thing, and have only emptied out the crud that the sucker sucked up.  I didn't even think to clean it again.  But just recently I cleaned it again. It worked just fine before and after.  But when I started it up again last week, it had a very loud pitched squeal and I