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A new Comcast modem....

I can do this.  They say I can do it.  I opened the box and sighed.  Another device.  What was wrong with the one I've had for years? Nothing.  But here's a new modem from Comcast. I've had this box sitting on my office floor for almost two months.  I thought about doing it.  I read the instructions.  And I said 'fagitaboutit." Here's my thought process: If I do this, how long will it take me?   Hours .   Maybe days.  Without the internet? That's a problem. If I do this, will I be happy because of it? ~No, the victory would be only personal .  Who wants to listen to me telling a fascinating story about changing a modem?   Nobody. What else could I do in the meantime? Most anything, including: ~making lemon bread in my new Kitchenaid standing mixer (those Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons and the other 2 $5 coupons really paid off)!  Plus I would share the results!    ~OR I could finish cleaning the house (am still working on that after t