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My annual survey to myself....

Happy 2015! Many of you know, I started this survey, way back when Carl and I had younger kids.   I made everybody write down an answer to each question.  Now…it’s just me because Carl has passed on (2002), the kids are adults, and now, like then, they think The Survey is…well… stupid.  Maybe I can put something in the survey that may be news to you about them.   I think I write this so I am forced to think about what went wrong, what went right, and what I might do to make life better for myself, and maybe all of us. And the survey says, What’s the most fun you’ve had this year?   Driving down Highway 1 from San Francisco to Newport Beach….me, and my bike hanging off the back of my car.  I was thinking about distances (not too bad), but not the time it would take to travel the distance (a long time).  My two night stop in Cambria by the Sea was lovely.  What’s the weirdest place you’ve been this year?   I was in Maui and I met Sara at the Lahaina Yacht Club fo