Check yourself out.

I was on the toilet paper aisle and what I wanted was way up on the very top shelf. I couldn't reach it. After looking around to see if there were employees nearby (none), I decided to take a step up on the bottom shelf and knock those packages down. I didn't even pretend to catch them. In fact, the lady closest to me didn't even see me take them down, much less pick them up. No price on the shelf and no price on the tp rolls...I am rolling the dice on this.

Next on my list in my head...Frescas! Sean, my daughter's husband (calls them Freshcas). I like that he calls them that, in his lovely New Zealand accent. I have given up my desire for Coke, Pepsi, or any other soft drink. But not Freshcas. And when I time it right...I can get a bunch of them on sale. Today was perfect timing.

I gladly NEVER see anybody I know at Safeway. My job is to get in and out. Often I see people I know next door at Trader Joe's.

Then I saw Vickie. She's been retired for quite a while but we both worked at the same real estate office for a while. And of course...we talked real estate (the house across from their's just went on the market). Got the news from her that the lady I had done two previous transactions with over the past 10+ years was listing her house with the guy in the 'hood. Bummer. Got the news that they sold their units over in Tracy! she says they can spend the $$ on themselves, and not the kids! And we confirmed our lunch date, but neither of us knew when it was...and just said it's on our calendars to meet with Becky.

While waiting in line for the self-serve checkout (first you go down the lanes and see if there are short lines, and if they are short, then use those). If those lanes have long lines, then check yourself out (well, not in that way).

I saw John C. march right up to the checker/coordinator, going right in front of everybody, and point out something in the back of the store..and two of us in line turned to look at it but we didn't see what it was. But as he was marching the checker/coordinator back to the back...he and I said hi.

Then after checking myself out (well, not in that way), I ran into Betty in the parking lot. We had a quick but philosophical chat..about how we don't live in the present. We think of vacations and live for those. We think of when we can sleep in and live for those. And that is how time is spent...we cannot remember anything except for events. And I loved everything she said. We need to live in the moment. It's a challenge. And oh, I love your hair...just got it done says she. In the moment, I thought.

Then John C. came up to me in TJ's and congratulated me on my fine selection of stores. We have played golf over the years. But no time to talk about golf today.

I'm always, always amazed at how quickly I get in and out of TJ's.

And that's my thought for the moment.

Live richly! marilyn


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