I like a good reliable toothpaste. I was raised on Crest and except for a few diversions have carried on that tradition.

But I must have been traveling when I bought this version to the right...and I assume I wanted this size..not too big..not too small.

And then I tried it. UGH! So awful in my mouth! That's as bad as a chocolate cake tasting like dirt.

It tasted like bubble gum..and that's kind of unfair when one expects a minty the ommercial that used to have the lady run her tongue over her teeth. Yummy!  I almost gagged.

But my take on this is two fold.
-One: Does Crest own any bubble gum chewing products? One would assume so..since then Crest would be training the kiddies to love bubble gum, which isn't so great for teeth.
-Two: the sparkle fun...what up with that? Are kids supposed to put the toothpaste in their hands and rub it around the sink to see the sparkles? I guess that might makes sense since Crest would sell more toothpaste as kids create their designs.

This also reminds me of my annual trip to the dentist (aka hygienist). She always passes out what she gets for free...because that's what people do...they place products in order for folks to use them and then buy them. It's the great American way.

Here's another great American way. I have just tossed this version of toothpaste in the garbage can. That should teach labels BEFORE you buy, Marilyn.

Rant over.

Live richly and don't eat chocolate cake if it tastes like dirt. marilyn


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