I've lost my memory!

I can attribute the title of the post to a friend with whom I met for a couple of hours while their property had inspections.

He said that he used his iPad exclusively. I said I wish I could do that, but I couldn't, wouldn't, can't, and/or don't want to.

Because I seem to have man-hands, I'm not able to type on a piece of glass without any clicking sounds, I can only type with the 'keys' that give me a clue about what my fingers are doing while my head is jumping ahead!

And you should see me when I need to text! My man-hands just get in the way..and I spend more time going backwards than forward. I'm getting better but I still only use my right hand for everything. I could just call somebody on their phone and leave a message, instead of texting them..but the young ones text..so I need to play catch up.  I digress.

We were talking about how old our computers were. He mentioned that he kind-of-didn't-really-download-the-updates that Apple said he should...because he reasoned he didn't use that portion of his computer.

Well, that sounds reasonable to me. I'm not a computer geek (as my children well know).  But....his Mac was 10 years old! Wow! That had to be a world's record!

And then one day...he had no memory. It was gone. Gone in a flash. But it really wasn't his...it was his computer's memory. Ut-oh! And since he used up the computer's memory, he had to get a new computer! But really, it had already made it to 70 (dog) years! Apple should have given him a new computer...or at least one that still had 4-5  more human years on it.

To me computers have a natural life of 3-5 years. And this makes me think...no, I won't go there. I need to clean up my kitchen mess, instead of thinking about a new you-know-what.

Live richly, marilyn


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