Give me 5 ingredients....

We have a group that goes out to lunch after church each week.

Our requirements are simple:
1. It needs to be cheap.
2. It needs to be quick.
3. It needs to be casual.
4. It needs to be 'group-able.'
5. It needs to be edible.

We have a routine so we make the rounds each Sunday. If there is a fifth Sunday then we all face a quandary. If we go to the local mall we each need to make a big decision. Do we go to Panera's or Jamba Juice or the Five Guys burger place or pay big bucks for Chipotle?

At the South Shore Center Mall, Trabocco, the Italian restaurant is    w-a-y out of our league. But I've been there several times and it is really great. And the chef always comes out and says hello and explains what the dishes are.  But it doesn't have numbers 1,2,4. But it's super wonderful edible!

Best Little Pork House is also out of our league. It's good, too. But again it doesn't have numbers 1,2,4.

Here's my take on this.

For Taco Bell, Jack in the Box (not currently on our list), Mickey D's (not currently on our list), Island City Cafe (the most adventuresome menu on our list), Carl's Jr., and I forget the others...(not surprising), they each have five ingredients in those well, I won't say restaurants, ah, those establishments.

If you drive by a Taco Bell you will see what I mean. The head office makes up names (that don't even make sense) but suddenly they have a new dish! It's advertised / blasted on their windows! But if you look's the same five ingredients. Hey...I need that cheesy spicy layered soft enchilada called... whatever it is. Then when you bite into tastes like a... taco.

Those five ingredients make up the whole menu...and they are mixed up to make 20+ different items. The food prep people are following instructions. No creativity here! It's not one of the requirements!

But it meets our requirements. 1-5.

Some of us do like the Jack in the Box tacos. They're really not tacos....they're just deep-fried-half-round-discs that look like tacos and stuffed with stuff that I don't want to know what it is.

Life richly, marilyn


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