Have a GREAT day...

...and I did today. Nothing was able to get to me, in a bad way. It could try...but nothing would or could stop the good from going on.

1) I am not a good morning person.  But I got up today at 5:30 AM because I had an 'on-the-course' golf lesson with Woody, my pro. I got to the range at 6:45 and was still hitting balls at 7:30.  Then Woody showed up, and he was apologetic. No worries. We ended up having breakfast at the course restaurant, because we didn't have enough time to be on the course. Argh, those 4 practice hours this week of hitting balls, trying to use my new swing...no, they were not wasted. It will pay off, later.


2) Haircut time. Long-ish or short? I couldn't make up my mind. Toni said to keep it longer because if I changed my mind...well, you know, it would take it longer to get to where it had just been.

Finished that up sooner than expected, so I returned a call.

3) Oops, I made a mess of an appointment late this morning. I didn't give that contractor the address where I wanted to meet with him. That was my bad and I admitted it. But he and his son had already booked the time so they didn't lose any money. We will get together in a day or so.

Keep going, girl, I told myself.

3) My next appointment was a bit sketchy for me. I wasn't sure that I knew what we were to talk about. But we did need to talk and the lovely woman, had a plan, quite complete, of how it all could happen. With her son listening, it came together in a very good way. My job is execute the plan so they so they can pull their lives together.

Started working on it immediately.

4) I seemed to have had a problem in the past 24 hours scheduling a walk-thru to inspect some work that was completed at our church. The tenants next door had been cooperative previously, but now, not so much. They said we could come back with the contractor on Saturday. Uh, yeah, no. The contractor was from out-of-state and needed to get to his next job with his co-worker.

After letting the tenants know that they had the 24 hour notice they wanted, and that we couldn't wait for them or Saturday to show up, I no longer got any emails from them. I called the contractor, confirmed our appointment for 3pm, and asked him to have a ladder out. Those who wanted to climb the ladder, which was on our side of the fence, could check out the contractor's work using my binoculars to see it in detail. If the tenants were there (and their very noisy, pesky dogs were), they could watch us look in their backyard.

No harm, no foul.

5) Another client had a rental unit. It had a hot tub that didn't work. He was in town. We met yesterday. And I said I'd call some vendors about getting that thing out of the patio. Maybe they could saw it into pieces. Yes, they could. Today we determined that I could have the inspection company and the hauler who was going to take the 'thing' away, at the property next week.

My client, John, would be leaving a happy man, not overwhelmed with the sale-to-be.

I am in awe of a day like today. Not that there aren't challenges...but those challenges that show up need not be affecting me or anybody I come into contact with adversely. And I do NOT need to be re-ACT-ing to them. I just need to act upon them.

Now, if I can make myself be a morning person. Nah, that's not gonna happen.

Live richly, marilyn


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