Mashed potatoes.

I was driving around today, listening to a radio station...they mostly played '80's songs. The beat was disco. Gosh, could the song have been in the 70's or in the 90's? I had no idea.

Then I started thinking about dancing. The first dance I could remember learning was the 'mashed potatoes.' I didn't take dance lessons..I just figured it out and I was pretty good at it.  Then the 'twist' came along. Much easier. Then the 'jerk' (the dance), although some of the boys could be called that, too.

Two things I recall about junior high dances. They were....awk---ward! Boys liked the beat but they were too shy to ask girls to dance.  The girls had to ....just stand and wait along the cafetorium walls for the boys to ask them to dance. And they didn't ask many girls to dance. Then the dance was over. Mostly moms came to pick us up. After the rousing (not) success of the dance, we had to do homework.

High school. I think everybody was just going solo out on the gym floor.  We were very into the Rolling Stones and the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.  We were very big into big hair.

Then... Woodstock (and 100,000 people ) came along. A whole new huge concert lasting days and nights. Poor Mr.Mat Yasgur. He was the owner of the land. But CS&Y (Crosby Stills and Nash) put his name in a song.

I went to my own small time (25,000 people) 'Woodstock' in Laguna Canyon. I actually hitch-hiked in with some friends...and they have faded from my mind.  It was just a few miles from my house. And I came back in one piece. I'm not sure why I was afraid...most of the people there were very peaceful...enjoying the extra curricular activities. I never have taken drugs. That whole scene just scared me too much.

Woodstock, the movie, came out. It was playing at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach. And because it was the last show of the night I came home late. I was grounded for two weeks. I've never been happier to pay that price to see any film.

But it was summer. And I had things to do and places to be. Like at  work. I was in charge of scheduling for the Balboa Yacht Club snack bar. I made sure I worked a lot in those two weeks. I had cheerleading practice, too. Went to practice to work to practice to work. Those two weeks went very quickly. And I was rich!

Back to the present.  Today I heard the word 'mashable.'  And my thoughts came around to the present, then the past, then to the tech.

The only 'potato' words that have been consistent in my very rich life, through thick and thin, are mashed potatoes...with gravy.

Live richly, marilyn


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