Under my stove, under my sink....

I've been rather remiss on cleaning my house these last few weeks. But I do try to keep things broom-clean. That's the way real estate people talk to tenants. "Keep it broom clean," whatever that means.

I was broom-cleaning the other day, and I happen to broom-clean a bottle cap that was somehow lodged under the stove. It was from a Tab bottle. It was not from anyone in our family.

Over 25+ years ago, the new-to-me old stove had traveled from my friends'/clients' basement. They were moving, and we had recently moved to our vintage 1898 Colonial house.

Our new-to-us-house came with an ugly newer electric stove and oven. But worse was that I burned every dinner I cooked on that electric death/fire trap. The god-sent gas stove was appreciated by our whole family.

About three weeks ago I was cleaning up our old O'Keefe and Merritt stove. It needs to go to rehab. But it works really well. No need for fancy gadgets, bells, whistles, or a working timer. I was digging into places that I had not cleaned for...ever.  I actually found antique dust on one of the rear ledges. Despite any value of the antique dust, I decided to wipe the it off.

During the same time I had Ethan the Plumber over to fix a leak under the kitchen sink. I accidentally found the leak when I was pulling out a plastic box that held cleaning materials. The cleaning materials were almost floating in the box. Turns out the garbage disposal was cracked and leaking into the plastic box..

Ethan wanted to know if I wanted a new garbage disposal. Um yeah, no. Due to the water shortage and because I choose to recycle food scraps rather than shoot them down the disposal, I said 'no thanks' to a new disposal.

I have the garbage disposal key/turner/unjammer (which I have never learned to use) and the Tab top (which I never knew was under the stove)..and an old stove, which I use quite a bit. That's my hidden kitchen, that most folks can't or won't ever see. Thank goodness.

Live richly, marilyn


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