Cool, and kids.

I was driving through town the other early morning, coming back from an out-of-town appointment, and what did I see?

I saw small kids all walking to school. Some were with a parent (or two), some with older siblings, some were alone, and some were with friends.

And boy, did I feel ancient!

Scooters were the ride of choice!
Protective helmets were on every head.
Decorated (like some type of modern-day knight) helmets were on some of the heads.
Clothes were wild and bright!
Shorts and pants were the call of the day.

I think we thought we were cool, back in the day. But nothing like these kids...they are extreme cool.

But they didn't think anything about being cool. They were born cool.

These are the kids of our kids.

Okay, let me get over maybe I should embrace this.

I'm not trying to be cool. I'll just pretend in my head that I am cool. And drive on by. Nobody will notice.

Live richly, marilyn


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