Customer service...are you there?

I know I'm not the only one who gets pissed off at Customer Service. I had two experiences today, trying to pay my bills. One was horrible. The other was great!

First Business (A private partner in conjunction with our government at work)

Me- Hi, I'd like to put my monthly bill on auto pay. I got the letter you people sent, directing me to call a phone number to set this up. I've spend over 30 minutes trying to get this simple thing done...and now you're telling me I'm calling the wrong number? What's with that?

Them - Sure. I can can help you with that.

Me (thinking)- wanna bet?

Them - Let's get onto the website and I'll help you with that.

Me - OK, let's see what you can do. I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I'm not the dimmest either.

Time passesA few minutes goes by...Ms Lady gives up. The website doesn't take my credit card. But she assures me that it should. 

Me (thinking)- wanna bet?

Them - I'll be on the phone with you while we contact Tech Services.


Them - Oh I won't.

Me (thinking) - Here's your chance, Ms Lady. You can dump me...and move onto the next victim. Yep. Phone line on her end goes dead. No answer, nothing, nada. Ms Lady got paid for wasting my time, and I still haven't paid my bill.

Tech Services - Yes, I can help you with your auto pay. Let me walk you through that. I'm a Tech Specialist 1.

Me (thinking) - Oh, I bet that's good!

Me - What does Tech Specialist 1 mean?

Tech Services - It means that I can direct you to the Tech Specialist 2, if I can't solve your problem. And by the way, we never charge late fees.

Gosh, you're right about our problem. It will take at least 48 hours for a Tech Specialist 2 to call or email you back to find out why the credit card code is not accepted. And by the way, we never charge late fees.

I wish this organization would send me an email survey about my 'experience'..and I'd rip them a new one. But they won't because we are forced into this, and nobody on their end gives a damn.

2nd Business (A private business, charged with keeping the paying customers happy.)

Me - I'm calling to pay my bill. I have 3 passwords and the website says it has notified the administrator.

Me (thinking) - OMG does the administrator know my address? Is s(he) upset with me?

Them - Oh I can fix that. We've decided that you only need one password for everything that you may need from our organization. If you go back to the password you usually use, that will work. We're so sorry that this has caused you some trouble.

Me - Is that right? That's it? I love doing business with you folks! Each time I call (and that's not often) you solves my tech problems!

While I don't know all of the folks that work at the 2nd Business, I do know some of their names, and they aren't hiding behind a website or a phone line that goes dead, or the line, "we never charge late fees."

Live richly, marilyn


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