Daughter seems to know best....

Okay, okay, okay. You were right. I admit it.

Now that she's back in New Zealand with her wonderful husband, Sean, I recall that the last thing Sutter told me before I dropped her off at San Francisco International Airport, was..."The only thing I didn't get done during my time here was cleaning your house." Ut-oh.

Okay. I wasn't able to be the perfect (well, I'd say wife, but that's not true) mom. I kind of thought she wouldn't notice anything after being on a long flight, getting ready to to meet other folks and friends, heading out of the house quickly, and flying across this country during her two week trip here. But she did. And I couldn't hide it.

Gosh, I can 'make' this place look okay when I need to! But cleaning is way down my list of things to do these days. I have a business to run, a container garden to tend to, my bike to ride around town and meet clients, my car to wash, my front porch to sweep, roses to cut, bills to pay, bookkeeping to do, and blah blah blah. (My excuse for my car is that we're in a drought, so that's why it's not clean. But it's really gross, by my standards.)

I gave up on my previous cleaners...and I had them for years. But I got tired of cleaning the house the night before they got here. Heck, if I could clean it the night before, I could clean the whole joint myself the next day. And most of my friends say the same thing. Tired of cleaning for the cleaners.

But once Sutter said that to me (and I'm quite sure she runs her fingers over every surface here), I thought to myself "Self, maybe you should have some help."

So I mentioned my circumstances to the couple I ask to rescue (clean) the properties that I've listed for sale. I've used their cleaning service for years and some of my best friends use them regularly. And they came over yesterday. There were 3 of them.and they performed miracles! And this time I didn't clean the house the night before they came. Nada, zip, nothing! Except for making my bed and hanging up my clothes (I do this everyday), I did nothing! My oven is so clean! The bathroom fixtures shine! Everything was polished and bright! And it smelled so good!

Now we're going to talk about setting up schedule...just talk about it.

Sutt, you are more right than I like to admit. Bless you, my child.

Live richly (and cleanly), marilyn


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