Box full of books...

I had the opportunity to get over to a house that was being packed up. The owners had sold their house to my client and they made an agreement to stay on (hold over) for a specified time.

Prior to the closing, I needed to go into the house with my client's son to be sure all was well. I made an idle comment about Mrs. Seller's Nancy Drew books in a bookshelf, and how I loved reading them when I was in grammar school, specifically the 4th grade. I guess I saw 6 of them in a bookcase.

Here's my diversion:

I remember writing one of my first "newsy" newsletters to my real estate clients. All of my previous newsletters were all about facts all of the time. So this seemed a bit of a stretch for me.

It was about me thinking I was Nancy Drew, driving a car (at that time I had an Audi and Nancy had a roadster) going wherever I wanted, with my computer and a soft-type suitcase, and some credit cards.

Right, I get that Nancy Drew didn't have credit cards and she had a hard-type shell of a suitcase. She had a rich (was he an attorney?) father who gave her the car and cash. No mom was ever mentioned in the books that I had read.

For high school graduation, my dad and mom gave me $800 so I could buy a car, because I would be commuting to Long Beach State. I was thrilled! Freedom came in the form of a used '67 VW bug with blank personalized license plates, a gift from the pep squad of which I was president. Thus CADEAU (French for 'gift') became my car name, and has been a gift ever since.

Back to the now:

I guess that made an impression on the wife/seller/previous owner. I visited yesterday to meet an insurance inspector (required by the insurer) and to pick up some mail for my client. As I was heading out she mentioned that she had a box full of Nancy Drew books.

Did I want to purchase them? I asked how much she wanted for them. After some conversation that focused on the books and not the price, she said "How about $30?"

The lady insurance inspector piped up and said how much she loved Nancy Drew! That was my clue..."Okay, we have a deal!" I had just put some cash in my wallet 20 minutes before, and now it was coming out.

For $30 I got 50 books. They were bought by the owner, for her niece. They were published between 1969-1974 based on my perusal. I just looked at my Nancy Drew's and they go back to 1940 (no, I am not that old). But my collection has increased 5 times!

I expect I may read some of those this summer. Nancy Drew was my best, most predictable friend, during the three moves my family made during my three-school 4th grade year. She was/is one of the most comforting book-friends at a somewhat uncomfortable time.

Books make excellent friends. I should read more of them.

Live richly, marilyn


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