In the box....

Every time I go into the laundry room, I sigh.

It's organized enough (maybe not for daughter Sutter, but she lives in New Zealand, so she doesn't have much to say about how I choose to live). I love you Sutter!

I have enough clothes so I don't need to wash them so much these days, due to the drought conditions and restrictions for water use, that we are all under. But still I sigh. I sigh because I have neatly laid some clothes that need mending over the chair that I sit on, when I'm sewing. And they've been there for months.

The last time I attempted to sew I broke a needle on the machine. But something else happened at the same time and nothing would work. I sighed. The sewing machine had belonged to my mom. I don't remember her sewing. But it was her's. And then it became mine. I did some sewing when Carl and I were first married. And then I only did mending on it.

This sewing machine was a member of the heavy metal rock was pure iron (like Iron Butterfly). I dreaded even thinking about taking it outside. What if I couldn't make it up the stairs carrying it? What would happen if I moved and the machine didn't?

I had called a friend of mine, wondering where I could take the machine to get it overhauled. She said they had changed their location (to one that had parking). I was grateful that they were still in town.

Last Saturday, late afternoon, I bundled the beast up, put the cover on it, and hauled it to my car. I'm not sure how I got it into the car. But I did.

I dragged myself into the shop. As I did, the owner knew exactly what I had dragged in with me. He was training a young man and the kid couldn't even believe how heavy the sewing machine was when he picked it up. The owner explained that it was a good machine but it was built from iron. Right. I get it, dude.

He explained to me that he was happy to recondition it, explained what he would do, and get it up and running for a good long time. It would cost me $140. He'd have it to me next week. I said, "I'll take it!"

Then while I was giving him my credit card, he said he'd be happy to show me the modern day equivalent of what I had. I said fine.  And I bought a new sewing machine.  For about twice the amount of getting the beast fixed and that included tax.

I asked about warranties. He showed me what to do. He showed me how much the machines had changed. If I had any questions I could call him on the phone and he would talk me through the problem. It is truly remarkable what technology has done...and I only purchased a basic machine!

I brought the box into the laundry room. I sighed in relief...relief that I didn't have to carry the old beast back into my house. The sewing machine is still in the unopened box, on the same table that its predecessor was once sitting.

I will open that box, someday, when I have the time to do so. I don't sigh as long and deep as I used to. And I will sew!

Live richly, marilyn                  


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