Shake it up.

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We had a bit of a bump in the morning on Tuesday. It woke me up at about 6:30am. By the time I realized we'd had an earthquake, it was over. I'm not sure how anybody could sleep through it..but some did. This was a bit of a wake-up call for me, in more ways than one.

I needed to reorganize my car that day to put some golf clubs and two pull carts for me and a friend with whom I was playing the short course here in town. I keep my own clubs in the car.

I took out a lot of my real estate stuff: a crate full of debris, ancient maps (those have now been tossed), sign riders, twist ties, all kinds and colors of tape: blue paint tape, gray sticky tape, clear tape, electrical tape, and my caution tape.

I use the caution tape to stop folks from going out onto decks, stairs, anytime they might slip, tumble, or slide. And with photos as close as my phone, I'll take pictures that I've put that caution tape up and around, in case they still get out there and do dumb things.

Once I returned home, I started to put my real estate stuff back in the trunk. Wait, I told myself! The last two hours of playing golf was more than that! I needed to take a mental and physical inventory of what I really had in the trunk of my car.

I have some tools (wrench, screwdrivers, tape measures), some jumper cables, my KQED (PBS) backpack with emergency gadgets (wind up radio among them), a yellow water-proof hooded cape, some snacks and food, a thermal blanket, and an unopened gallon of water. I have some water proof matches.

I have the 20 function knife, scissors, screwdriver all in my twist tie container, which could also double for a liquid holder. I have some unopened small water bottles in that mess.

If I needed them, I have two pair of golf shoes in the trunk (one with spikes and the other with molded spikes).  Those might be useful since on warm days I wear flip-flops when driving around town, and golf shoes would be better than flip-flops any day that the earth may quake with me in my car.

If I needed them, I could use my golf clubs as walking sticks, or give them to somebody who might be able use them. I'd hold the face of the clubs in my hands and use the shafts on the ground.

In my golf bag I have a small carrier that holds the score-card pencils (I score so high, I don't even use them), and there's also some band-aids, and sunscreen..

I found a couple of umbrellas in the way far back, and a flat-style chair that I could carry on my back. And of course I have the reusable bags for groceries which could be used in various ways.

OMG...I just realized I can literally live in my car. And be comfortable. And most everything I need is already in there!

That's something I haven't considered previously.  hhhmmm.

Live richly. Be safe, not sorry.  marilyn


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