How dare they....

I'm angry. And I don't even own a Volkswagen. But at one time I did.

It was a '67 VW bug and I got it for a graduation present from my parents, in 1971. They told me how much money I could spend and I was on my own.  Then in 1984 an older woman ran a stop sign and that was that. A signal has replaced the stop sign. A Ford Escort replaced the car.

Most recently I had an Audi A4, for 13 years. I could have bought another Audi with the money I put into that car. Looked good. Drove great. When it wasn't in the shop. And I was over it.

But what VW did to its diesel cars is unbelievable. They fooled all drivers, thinking that they were buying a cleaner car that did not exist: cheated by software which dodged the US emissions tests. That's the tip of the iceberg....the rest is way below the sea..and I'm sure it will all be exposed.

My experience with German engineering has been replaced by Japanese know-how and lower prices and long lasting parts and ease of maintenance.

Volkswagen...the People's Car. I support the People's lawyers. I hope the People take VW to the cleaners.

Life richly, marilyn


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