Look up.

Wherever and whenever I am riding my bike...I usually keep my eyes on the road or the path. That's a good thing.

But when I turn my head around...I am constantly I am amazed at what I see. Sometimes I a flip u-turn and go back and see what I just got a glimpse of.

Here are some of the things I see:

~The folks sitting in front of Peets or Starbucks, watching the rest of us go by. I think that must be nice to have that type of time to sit and sup.

~I see folks carrying their treasures from the Farmer's Market.

~I see people waiting in line to see the newest movie craze.

~I watch babies being tucked into their car seats.

~I see folks smoking cigarettes: not quite all the way into the street but 20 feet away from the building they live in, so they won't be hassled by by the non-smokers that live in or around the same building.

~I see people dumping their trash into streets...they think that nobody is watching (well, dude, I'm watching you). Sometimes I stop and pick up their trash and toss it in a can. Other times...not so much. And then I feel guilty.

~I don't really see the people that honk at me or wave at me as they drive by. These are people I know...and I try to acknowledge them by a quick nod or wave.

~Not many, if any, honk at me in a 'why'd you do that, you idiot?' way. Thank goodness.

The other day I was riding and I looked up to my left and I saw the most amazing sunset..not where I expected it to be, but it was the remnants of the sun shifting into low gear, and sending out the light to the other clouds in the sky. Where I had been looking was just plain old sky, no clouds.

This week I was riding bikes with a friend..and I looked up. And I saw the most wonderful lenticular clouds and I pointed them out to Meredith! I tried to explain what they were, how the winds blew over them, and what they say about the winds aloft. I told her how I once flew a glider in that type of weather conditions in Minden, Nevada. I got up to 21,000 feet..not a record, by far, but good enough to get some type of pin for the flight.

When I really look around, really, really look around, I see rather simple things. But when I think something very good is about to happen, because I see it starting to happen when I look around...I slow down and wait for it (whatever it is) to happen. And that's when I pull out my camera and start taking photos.

And the two shots in this post...are the outcome of gently waiting, and looking up, and out.

It makes me wonder, what do I actually miss by not looking all around me? The world is so much more than my little globe-like world.

Live richly, marilyn


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