Recipes and drains...

I loved this Labor Day weekend. I was emailing with Sutter that it seemed like a gift from God, so I could do my personal work. And I did...but there is more scanning and filing still to go. I've made a small dent in the huge pile of receipts and bills.

But I also realized that once fall shows up...I get into my maintenance mode.

So on Friday, the beginning of the long weekend, I started cooking a bolognese. I got all the right ingredients, fresh stuff when the recipe called for fresh.

My friend Lenny (the lender) gave me the recipe and said he would spend Saturday cooking it for his honey, Carrie.

Once that sauce was simmering (for four hours), I took out one of my used toothbrushes (I save them not for my mouth, but for cleaning small places). And I shoved it into the bathroom sink. Blech! What I put in was off white. What I pulled out was perfectly black.

Time to do my homemade magic. This recipe is inside one of my kitchen cabinets. And here are the ingredients that make it work (if I had small kids here I'd pretend I was a mad scientist, and impress them with the bubbling drain cleaner).

I cleared my bathroom sink and then cleared the kitchen sink...where I no longer have a garbage disposal.

This is my kind of magic. Live and eat richly!



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