Grinding on the PGA tour....

My golf teacher, Woody, introduced me to his good friend, James Hahn today, while he was hanging out at the muni golf course in Alameda. James is a legend around here...not only because he plays on the PGA Tour but because he's so nice! Such a regular guy!

James was born the same year as my son, Evan, who also plays golf. James is married and has a son. Evan is married and has a son. James lives in Scottsdale. Ev & Erin & Cadel,,not so much. (Ev has inherited his parents coastal CA climate tendencies.)

Here we were in the teaching shack. I felt a great sense of comfort while sitting down, jawin' with James. I asked him lots of questions and he answered every one. But the thing that sticks with me is how grounded he is.

I asked him how long he thinks he'll play. Answer: hopefully for a long time...but as he said..there is no guarantee of that. He said it's a grind, but he didn't say it maliciously...he just said it's a grind. You can have a great year, and then a not so great year or two or three. And then he mentioned a friend who is no longer playing for... well, no money.

He has some high goals...but very achievable goals. He's not so wrapped up in what he chooses to do with his life. He's wrapped up in what he wants to give.

"Giving" takes all kinds of twists and turns. But when you give, you receive. Maybe not in tons of bucks but often it's a gift of confidence that all is well.

He wanted to know what I did. And I said I'm a local real estate broker. He asked what areas I worked and I said primarily in our town, full-time, all Alameda, all of the time.

Then he said maybe I could help him. And Woody and I answered all of the questions he had about remodeling a bathroom at his folks house.

Live richly, marilyn


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