How do you get through a life without.....

....a daughter or son who has been brought up in the tech age?

I was working at my computer the other night, and suddenly the internet wasn't working. What? Doesn't Mr. Internet or Ms. Google understand that I have work, real work to do? 

There was no explosion, no flames, but there was...nothing. Not a blank screen: my computer was working.  But the silence of a screen not connected to the internet can be deadly to those who can no longer see it or hear it or function without it.

Just to be sure I tried to play free cell (the solitaire game)...nada, zip, nothin'.

So I gave son Evan a call. Turns out it was Saturday night and they were in the desert for a small company event. I don't even ask these days about what that involves. For the most part, he has to dumb it down so much, I just feel guilty about him having to do that for me.

Now, I've needed to say several times in the last week, to various folks,..."I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I'm not the dimmest either." This is how I felt that night. Before I called I looked around at all my wires...and felt useless.

The power was still on, the lights were on, the refrigerator was on, the water was running. Oh, right, the water didn't take electricity, unless the water heater was being used (no), or the sump pump was pumping water from the basement to the front yard. The pump has been dry for the last three months.

I wasn't crying. Evan told me to take photos of the back of my computer, the router, and the modem. And then text them to him. Uh, yeah. I can do that. The only one I was sure of was the computer (Surface Pro 3). Even though the router and modem are at my right side, only 12 inches away, they still remained silent, unlike the alarm on the sump pump that screams "I'm filling up and cannot shove the water out of me!"

I sent him the photos. He said everything looked as it should. When in doubt, I should start with the router and turn it off, then on. He explained which cord could do that. He also used some type of computer code to see that the system was working. "How do you know that?" "I just know it."

Sure enough...whatever was wrong now was right. All was well. Until tonight. I was doing serious work...and kablam! Nothing. Again, the soundlessness was deafening.  I remembered Ev's instruction/direction. Just unplug/plug in the router.

I still called him. He was driving home from the gym. "Do you think I should buy another router, do these fail?" "Nah, Just keep doing what your're doing."

Bless you, my son (and my daughter). You both take the forms of lifeguards, to one who has no clue.

Live richly, marilyn


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