It's getting darker sooner...

I don't know why I'm so's fall, and it's getting darker in the evening. Each week I keep turning the light timer lights on sooner and sooner and sooner and.....

I love the autumn season. It's so... autumn-y. The sky shifts into high-gear as the sun sinks lower into the southwest sky, with loads of color. The light this time of year is more brilliant to me.

Just last month I was riding my bike during the evening hours on errands. And it was light coming and going! Now, I'm riding in the dark and it's just... blech.

My friend Meredith and I have taken to riding bikes once per week. She comes over when she's off work (she commutes to her job here on the island, via bike most days). She pedals over to my house on her two wheeler steed.

I join her as we take a quick tour along the beach, wave hello/goodbye to her dad as we go by his house, talk about the weather, rain (we hope), her kids, work, my kids, my grand-kid, where we've gone or plan to go in the near future. I ride with her to her house, then head home to mine..or sometimes I stop at Trader Joe's to pick up some TJ treasure and pedal my way back.

Today (this evening) we were complaining about folks who ride bikes without any lights or safety gear. Makes me feel kind of snooty: I have my bright vest, my front light which has 6 settings (5 of which are almost blinding to on-comers), and my red light which flashes on the back of my helmet.

I don't like wearing this's a hassle to put on/take off, to stash items like my speedometer/clock and my front bike light, so they don't get ripped off. Thank you, Walgreens thief, I hope you got 2 bucks for my $60 light.

But now I've been trained to love the dark ...due to various comments over the years past, by friends (or unfriends) who casually say..."gosh I can't see bike riders because they don't have reflective gear or lights."

During our ride tonight, I deputized Meredith and gave her the powers to fine anybody that was 'in the dark' $50 bucks. We have identified many, but she has not brought anybody in so far.

Lots of dark is out there. I expect she will bring the 'violators of the lights' in soon.

Live richly, marilyn


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