Pre Thanksgiving.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and all over the house, the place had been cleaned except for the foyer and the front porch.

I dusted the inside, cleaned the hardwood stairs, took out my vacuum and made it as bright as a torch.
The windows were cleaned by Mr. Sparkle, within and without.  But the cobwebs, dust, and leaves outside were very abundant, no doubt.

As I looked around and thought ' should I proceed?' I wasn't into ladders or brooms. There must be something else I need.

Hey, there is! I have an extension-pole with a dust-cloth that will take down the 'webs. Could it work outside? Maybe not, I thought with some dread.

I swung the pole around making my efforts look simple. And the grin on my face surely showed a dimple!

Now, looking at the inlaid-tile porch wondering what else I could do? Blowing was not an option. It would only blow back. Would my Dyson vacuum suck it all up? Give it a try, what the heck.

Out came the Dyson. I turned on the switch. Dust, leaves, Christmas Catcus debris, dead bugs, small papers, all gone! What a relief!

I'm not sure Mr. Dyson would want you to know, but I'm telling you now...another solution! He might want to hire me to test his other inventions.

As I emptied the Dyson cylinder into the recycle bin, I looked back at my porch, gave thanks, and said "Friends! Come on in!"

Happy Thanksgiving! And be sure you are living richly! marilyn

Both of my blogs go into hibernation for the month of December. Have a good, meaningful holiday season and a happy new year!


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