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Remodeling self.

I think I've morphed into...I'm not sure, what. It must have something to do with maturing (note, I don't say aging). Maturing in attitude makes a difference to me. I wonder if the remodeled exterior of people actually makes a difference. I'm not so sure about that. My landscaper came over to the house today with his helper, to give major haircuts to the plants, trees, and the ivy wall (about 15 feet high and at least 30 feet long) separating the neighbors from, well, me. I wonder what he might do me if I gave him some clippers and said trim my hair. I am constantly amazed at what Sal does to and with my yard. Each season, I think it's the best season.  In the spring all is bursting out.  In the summer the bounty comes forth from my container garden and from the roses, hydrangeas, and other unnamed things from the ground that just show up, unannounced..  The autumn is a time for giving up the ghost, as the plants, still productive, just kind of wilt away.  And w