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How I bought a the modern age.

They told me it would cost many 1000's of dollars to get the transmission/torque whatchamacallit fixed. And that's the exact moment I fell out of love with my 2003 Audi A4 which had only 91K miles on it. I had purchased it new and expected many more years out of it. Not so much.

But I didn't want to keep shoving money into the car. I spent more than 2K in repairs only (not regular maintenance) in 2014, of which $1700 went for a new locking system.

Here was my game plan.
-Figure out the resale value on my Audi.
-Find similar sized cars on Consumer Reports.
-Start eliminating them for any and all reasons.
-Eliminate any and all German cars.
-Find a car I like.
-Buy it.

My friends told me I'd never step down from the Audi. What cost me 40K in 2003, was now 62K. For that kind of $$ I would definitely jump off that ladder to lower ground. I didn't realize so many thought I was so high-strung about cars!

Three days before Christmas I visited the Honda, Toyota, and Lexus …