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I learned a lot from my friend Sara about working in coffee shops. No, she was not a wait person (that's the way it's put now, right? no waitress or waiter).  She was working while she was on vacation..and her room that she stayed in didn't have a reliable internet connection. So she got to know all the places and all the times and all the ways the internet can work, or should work, or would stop working, in all of the local coffee houses/shops/dives along the road to Hana, in Paia, Maui. It was fascinating listening to her. She actually said she was "on the coffee shop - internet hop - to stay on top" of what she was working on!  She learned where she could go at what time of day and who worked there and their schedules.  And she knew all the wait people's names. It ta kes a brave person to walk in to a coffee place and set up an office for a couple of hours or more. I haven't done it myself for more than 15 minutes, and that's just for checking m