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The DMV, the Passport dept, and the IRS.

DMV On Monday I decided to go to the DMV to order new plates for my car (same CADEAU I've had since I was 18 years old). I know it can take a long time but I had some reading to do and I could do that there, so I took the leap. The Oakland Department of Motor Vehicles has always been a huge melting pot of people. And this day was no exception. Folks were reading up for their driver's license written test, and those behind the counter were going as fast as they could. One customer said the new immigration ruling had a huge affect...people can't be arrested for driving a car, even though they don't 'officially' live here. Ah ha! That's the new/best deal of the year! It was strangely calming not be be bothered about this wait. The customers seemed very nice and only one baby was crying at a time. Slowly the chairs became empty. Very slowly. I know the public can get appointments, but when I was talking with folks around me, they were scheduling out th