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BFF (well, for 2.5 days)

Yosemite Valley! That could be a fun time! As a family we had camped at Curry Village, and then Carl and I took at least one of our kids, maybe both, when they each went on a trip for several days during 8th grade. (This is one of the best times to get an idea of what the kids and their friends are up to.  All one needs to do is drive and listen...and you may find out what you want/need to know or maybe you don't want to know.) But these days, I no longer camp. Outside. On the ground. If Carl and I camped, we would prefer 50' catamaran sailboats in the Caribbean and before that, about 40' sailboats during autumn in Maine, or before that, an Express 37 sailboat (designed by Carl) with me and my 5 best boyfriends (including Carl) for 11.5 days racing to Hawaii on the Transpac Race. But this was a treat that included a two night stay at the Ahwahnee Hotel. My friend couldn't use the trip so I said 'yes!' to the event that she was offering me. The Ahwahnee h