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Have a GREAT day...

...and I did today. Nothing was able to get to me, in a bad way. It could try...but nothing would or could stop the good from going on. 1) I am not a good morning person.  But I got up today at 5:30 AM because I had an 'on-the-course' golf lesson with Woody, my pro. I got to the range at 6:45 and was still hitting balls at 7:30.  Then Woody showed up, and he was apologetic. No worries. We ended up having breakfast at the course restaurant, because we didn't have enough time to be on the course. Argh, those 4 practice hours this week of hitting balls, trying to use my new, they were not wasted. It will pay off, later. Next, 2) Haircut time. Long-ish or short? I couldn't make up my mind. Toni said to keep it longer because if I changed my mind...well, you know, it would take it longer to get to where it had just been. Finished that up sooner than expected, so I returned a call. 3) Oops, I made a mess of an appointment late this morning. I didn't g