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Give me 5 ingredients....

We have a group that goes out to lunch after church each week. Our requirements are simple: 1. It needs to be cheap. 2. It needs to be quick. 3. It needs to be casual. 4. It needs to be 'group-able.' 5. It needs to be edible. We have a routine so we make the rounds each Sunday. If there is a fifth Sunday then we all face a quandary. If we go to the local mall we each need to make a big decision. Do we go to Panera's or Jamba Juice or the Five Guys burger place or pay big bucks for Chipotle? At the South Shore Center Mall, Trabocco, the Italian restaurant is    w-a-y out of our league. But I've been there several times and it is really great. And the chef always comes out and says hello and explains what the dishes are.  But it doesn't have numbers 1,2,4. But it's super wonderful edible! Best Little Pork House is also out of our league. It's good, too. But again it doesn't have numbers 1,2,4. Here's my take on this. For Taco Bell, Jac