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Old becomes new...getting physical with kids' toys once again.

I often wonder what type of relationship I may have with my grandson. My own parents were fantastic grandparents! They lived near the beach. They wanted to do anything with our kids. They took them outside, swam with them, watched their antics. Sutter would pick up stones and rocks on the beach and then place them just a few feet away. It was magical to watch my folks said. My dad would play tennis with our son. And because Evan was ambidextrous he would trade hands so he could hit forehand to my dad on every stroke. I think (at least hope) I will make an excellent playmate/grandmother (or Nana, as I am being called). I had the opportunity to receive some toys from a friend this week. They were her own when she was growing up (as an only child) and her mom had kept them for years. Obviously they were not electronic gizmos. My friend seemed so excited that I wanted these and was so happy to know they would be shared with my new playmate/grandson when he comes to visit! Do yo