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Throw me a landline.

I still have a landline. Let me remind you. The landline is a phone line and it's attached to the wall, or on a desk. It is like tying a boat to a mooring. It restricts movement. You can only go so far from the landline and when it exceeds the length of the curly-que cord, it is ripped out of your hand. It is designed to keep you close by. Most people have cell phones these days. It's often attached to us. Could be in a pocket, purse, or holster. It's an appendage to a body, attached your head or ear. It's close to your eyes when you watch movies or you-tube videos. I still need a landline....for emergencies. But I was informed by Chris, the Comcast good guy technician (in person)  that my landline wouldn't be effective at all. Why? Because my (old fashioned) answering machine is not plugged directly into the wall where it will get immediate electricity. And it would only be good for about two hours. But he showed me how to get my kitchen phone off the wall